Modern problems of Evolutionary Biology



International scientific and methodological conference, dedicated to Ch. Darwin’s 200th anniversary and «The origin of species…» 150th anniversary  

Bryansk State Academician I. G. Petrovsky University

12.02.2009 – 14.02.2009



executive secretary:

Afonin A.A. (Афонин Алексей Алексеевич) Doctor of Sciences (Agriculture), Associate professor

Bryansk State Academician I. G. Petrovsky University



assistant executive secretary:

Bulavintseva L.I. (Булавинцева Людмила Ивановна) Candidate of pedagogical science, Associate professor

Bryansk State Academician I. G. Petrovsky University






Basov V.M. (Басов Владимир Михайлович) Dr. Habil, Professor

Shuya State Pedagogical University, Russia, e-mail:


Darwinism and Ecology

Keywords: Darwinism, evolution, development of ecology, evolution ecology, ecological space



Ermakova O.V. (Ермакова Ольга Владимировна) Doctor of biological science. Senior Scientific Associate, Radioecology department of Institute of Biology of Komi Scientific Centre, Ural branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Syktyvkar, Russia, e-mail:


Changes in reaction of endocrine system periphery organs of mammal under chronic irradiation effect

Data on morphological analysis of endocrine system peripheral organs of rodents inhabited high radiation background areas were gathered. Status of Microtus oeconomus endocrine glands during long-term studies was analyzed at different stages of population magnitude.  It was demonstrated that both the level and trend of morphological changes depend on population magnitude in chronic irradiation condition. This fact allows us to suggest that the inheritable M. oeconomus reactivity varies at different population magnitude stages. High radiation background and some other additional factors can modify (to enhance or to decrease) control mechanisms of population. Thus, the one more evidence was obtained in favour of periodically varying inheritable physiological state of individuals.



Chernyavskikh S.D. (Чернявских Светлана Дмитриевна) Candidate of biological science, Lector, e-mail:

Fedorova M.Z. Doctor of biological science, Professor

Zabinyakov N.A.  Student

Vo Van Than Student

Belgorod State University, Russian Federation


Migration activity characteristics of  blood cells of vertebrate animals incubated in vitro with different temperature changes.

Keywords: migration, cells of  blood, red (blood) cells, erythrocyte, white (blood) cells, leukocyte, vertebrate animals, chicken, frog, carp (fish),

locomotion, blood cells' incubation



Gaponov S.P. (Гапонов Сергей Петрович) Dr. Habil, Professor, e-mail: 

Khitsova L.N. (Хицова Людмила Николаевна) Dr. Habil, Professor, e-mail: 

Voronezh State University, Russia


Allomorphic evolution in Tachinidae (Diptera)

Main directions of tachinid-flies evolution were discussed. Based on ultrostructure of resperative and sensorial systems of the immature and imaginal stages as well as ecological peculiarities allomorphic evolution of Tachinidae were described.



Maximyuk N.N. (Максимюк Николай Несторович) Doctor of Sciences (Agriculture), Professor. The head of the department of biology and biological chemistry, e-mail: 

Barausov A.S. Postgraduate student of the department of biology and biological chemistry

Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University, Veliky Novgorod, Russia


Regional problems of biodiversity conservation in the Novgorod region

In given article is marked one of sharply costing at present ecological problems a problem of the conservation of the biological variety. The Main accent is made on regional side of the problem exactly, shown on example Novgorodskа area. The Marked prospects of the decision given problems, which require further practical and theoretical scientific studies.



Puchkovskiy S.V. (Пучковский Станислав Владимирович) Dr. Habil, Professor

Udmurt state university, Izhevsk, Russia, e-mail: 


The compatibility and the complementarity of Darwinism and other science conceptions of biology evolution

Keywords: Darwinism, natural selection, science conceptions, Lamarckism, neutralism, synthesogenes, catastrophism, nomogenetism, program phylogenesis, universal principle of selectivity



Rezanov A.G. (Резанов Александр Геннадиевич) Doctor of Biol. Sci., Prof., Chief of Chair Animals and Plants Biol.

Rezanov A.A. (Резанов Андрей Александрович) Cand. of Biol. Sci., Reader of Chair Animals and Plants Biol.

Moscow Municipal Pedagogical Univ., Dept. of Animals and Plants Biol., Chechulina str. 1, Moscow, 119004, Russia



Synanthropization of birds: Geographical classification, centers of origin and settling of synanthropic populations

Cosmopolitan spices of  synanthropical birds are in a main substance of humans settlements birds. Similarity and distinction between compositions of birds are nesting in urban landscapes is determinate by geographical specific of populated area. The problems of “waves” and centers of synanthropization of birds (Streptopelia decaocto, Acridotheres tristis, Ciconia ciconia) are described. We suggested that the centers of synanthropization of birds are coinciding with centers of World Civilization.



Torikov V.E. (Ториков Владимир Ефимович) Doctor of Sciences (Agriculture), Professor, Vice-rector on scientific work of The Bryansk State Agricultural Academy,

Meshkov I.I. Candidate of scienses (Agriculture), Head of agricultural enterprise «Ghenshen», Bryansk region, Unechskiy district,


Introdiction of Potentila alba L. and adaptational industrial technology of its cultivation

Potentila alba L. – the long-term grass plant,  its height is 10-30 cm., family of pink-flowerness. For developing of resources we have used the possibility of Potentila alba L. for the vegetative reproduction. We must delete growing kidney with part of root with two or four leaves by two or three-year plant  and put it for 10-12 hours in clay-biogumus liquid with the addition of geteroauksin. Landing of plants realize both in early spring and july-august. For cultivation garden we create the most fertile fields. Industrial fields of Potentila alba L. are put  by rootable one-year plants with feeding area 70 х 30 cm or 70 х 40 cm. The care includes weeding, loosening and additional feeding.  


Introdiction of Shenzhen the real in Bryansk region

Process of adaptation of Shenzhen in soil-climatic conditions of Bryansk region goes on quite well. Under the entering of high quantities of biogumus it develops faster than at nature and forms huge root. The time of growing of biologically valuable roots are 6-7 years. For all variants of experiment the 7-year plants had the biggest height of stalk from root`s neck to the first mutovka and flower.



Tuganaev V.V. (Туганаев Виктор Васильевич) Doctor of biological science, professor, head of the general ecology chair, e-mail:

Veselkova N.R. Сandidate of biological science, associate professor of botany and plants ecology chair, e-mail: 

Udmurt State University, Izevsk, RF


Bioevolution as a reflection of  the general evolution

The Earth is an element of the universal space supersystem. The life is everywhere in the Universe. The evolution runs according to the ever-changing bioprogramme, a base of which is a energy-informational field of the Universe.



Zagoskina N.V. (Загоскина Наталья Викторовна) Doctor of biological science, professor, e-mail: 

Lapshin P.V. Scientific worker, e-mail: 

Titmiriazev Institute of plants physiology, Moscow (Russian academy of sciences), Russia


About capacity of plants of different species of Echeveria (Crassulaceae) to polyphaenols synthesis



Zinoviev A.V. (Зиновьев Андрей Валерьевич) Doctor habilitated, Professor, Tver State University, Russian Federation, e-mail: 


«On the Origin of Species...» by Charles Darwin as a key source to the seminars on the evolutionary theory

The ground-breaking book “On the Origin of Species…” by Charles Darwin is an essentials source on the knowledge of widely accepted theory of evolution. An original description of the logic of this book accompanied by simple schemes provides a better understanding of this crucial work in teaching evolutionary biology in high schools and other educational centers.



Mazurenko M.T. (Мазуренко Мая Темофеевна) – Doctor of botany leading, Scientific Worker of  botanical Garden of RAS, Vladivostok



Changes of evolution in subgenus Chamaetia (Dumortier) Nasarov of genus Salix L. in the north-easten part of Asia.


Species of subsection sempervirentes are mainly distributed at the komis hills of nanarctic part of north easten part of Russia.

Some biomorphe of Salix of the section Myrtosalix Kerner have been studied.

Such species as myrsinites Khokhr.: Salix myrsinites L.,S. berberifolia Pall. S. tschuktschorum Skvortz., S. khokhryakovii Skvorts. have the pillow tragacant.

Species of seria eritrocarpae Khokr: S. erotrocarpa Kom., S. magadanense Nedol., are shpalers bushes with underground ksilomorphs.

Series rotundifoliae Khokhr species: S. rotundifoliae Trautv., S.jurtzevii A.Skvortz., S. darpirensis Jurtz. et Khokhr., S. flabellinervis Khokhr. are dwarft biomorphs with strong branching in mossing pillow.

In subgenus Vetrix the strong vegetative mobile dvaft forms dipped on moss are predominant.



Gasheva N.A. (Гашева Наталья Александровна) Candidate of biological science. The senior scientific employee of the Institute of Problems of Development of a North of the Siberia Branches of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Tyumen, Russia, e-mail: 


Willows as an illustration of Darwin understanding of a species

Keywords: Darwin species, species-criteria, willows variation, vicarious species of willows, monotypic species of willows, polytypic species of willows, hybrid zone, hybrid  willows.



Kormilitsyna N.K. (Кормилицына Наталья Кирилловна) Candidate of biological science, the head of natural-mathematical cycle department, IPK and PPK; associate professor of biology and chemistry department, IvGU, Ivanovo, RF, e-mail: 

Mailyan N.R. Methodologist of natural-mathematical cycle department, IPK and PPK; teacher of biology, liceum 22, Ivanovo, RF


Using Poetry in Teaching Evolutionary Biology as Means of Increasing Cognitive Interest of Pupils

Poetry can act as a productive means of raising efficiency of educational process. In the article there is a variant of teaching the theme «The Basic Directions of Evolutionary Process» in 9th form with using verses by Mindovskaja T.A., the teacher of biology at school 4 in Shuya, Ivanovo region. Using poetry in teaching process increases cognitive interest of pupils.

Keywords: aromorphosis, degeneration, evolution, idioadaptation, progress, retrogression.



Kostenko S.A. (Костенко Светлана Алексеевна) DPh in genetic, associate professor of N.A. Kravchenko department pulpit of animals breeding swinging| and genetics, National University of Life and Inviromental Sciences, KievKyiv), Ukraine, e-mail: 


Somatic mutagenesis of mammals as indicator microevolutional processes

Keywords: chromosome, karyotype, aneuploidy, premature separation of centromeres, Chernobyl accident, Microtus oeconomus, Clethrionomys glareolus


Kostenko S.A. (Костенко Светлана Алексеевна) DPh in genetic, associate professor, e-mail:

Sydorenko O.V. Post-graduate student 

National University of Life and Inviromental Sciences, N.A.Kravchenko department of animals breeding and genetics, Kiev, Ukraine


Selection of alleles of QTL (quantitative trait loci) in rockforming and domestication of the domestic pig (Sus scrofa)

Keywords: Sus scrofa, domestication , rockforming, quantitative trait loci, PRLR, ESR, MC4R, Myog



Osadcha  J.V. (Осадчая Оксана Васильевна) Post-graduate student, National university of life and environmental of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine, e-mail: 


Morphological particularly of ostrich eggs

The result of the study morphological indicators of ostrichs eggs from two speciesblack-neck and blue-neck were investigated. The basic proof of valuation the eggs are presented, namely: weigh, shape, volume, diameter of air chamber, compactness, index of white and yolk and other.  The available differ between morphological indicators of eggs black- and blue-neck ostrich, which stipulated of genetically factors are demonstration.

Keywords: ostrich, incubation eggs, morphological indicators, shale, white, yolk.



Pavlenkova G. A. (Павленкова Галина Александровна), junior scientific worker of the GNU All-Russian Science Research Institute of Horticultural Breeding (VNIISPK), Orel, RF

Fedotova I. E., candidate of agricultural sciences, chair head, senior lecturer, GOU VPO «Orel State University», Orel, RF


The estimation of some ornamental indices of lilac introduced species having different origin in conditions of the North of the Central Chernozem region of RF

The article gives the results of study for 2007-2008 of ornamental inflorescences, blooming length and degree of 12 lilac species having different origin and growing in the genetic collection of lilac species and cultivars in the arboretum of the GNU VNIISPK. The most prospective species have been picked for modern planting of greenery in conditions of the North of the Central Chernozem region of RF: lilac of Balkano - Carpathian origin – S. josikaea Jacq. and S. vulgaris L.;  lilac of  Easten Asia – S. velutina Kom. and S. amurensis Rupr.; lilac of the Himalays origin – S.emodi Wall.; hybrid lilac S. x Henryi Sch.



Plakhotnik V.V. (Плахотник Владимир Васильевич) Candidate of biological science

Sudnikova V.P. Candidate of Agriculture

Zeleneva Yu.V. Scientific worker


Branch office of the  of Tambov SRIAC (Science and Research Institute of Agriculture) Russian Academy of Agriculture  «Central Russian SR fitopathological station» («SNIFS»)


The influens of variety on the selection of the pathogenic isolates of the causative agent of the wheat¢ s illness in condition of C.B.A.

Keywords: Selection, wheat, Septoria, Septoria tritici, resistance, susceptible, diseases, insulators,  pathogen.



Skorkina M.Y. (Скоркина Марина Юрьевна) PHD in biology, lecturer, department of biotechnology, morphology and physiology of alive organisms, Belgorod state university, Belgorod, Russian Federation, e-mail: 

Sladkova E.A. Bachelor the faculty of biochemistry, Belgorod state university, Belgorod, Russian Federation


Influence of low temperatures on activity of the frog’s erythron system

In conditions of low temperatures influences authentic distinctions in studied parameters of red blood are revealed at females. Decrease in total erythrocytes, concentration of hemoglobin, a parameter hematokrit and viscosity of blood is established. Cooling initiated change of qualitative erythrocytes’ structure. Decrease in a barrier of permeability of membranes for Н+ ions, shift acid erythrogram to the left, increase in percent low proof cells is revealed.

Keywords: erythrocytes’ frogs, low temperature influences, concentration of hemoglobin, hematokrit, viscosity of blood.



Sokolova O.I. (Соколова Елена Ивановна) Candidate of biological science, associate professor of Lugansk National Agrarian University, Lugansk, Ukraine, e-mail:


Evolution of Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh., directed by man’s will

Keywords: evolution, Arabidopsis thaliana, interaction of genes, mutant allele


Sokolova O.I. (Соколова Елена Ивановна) Candidate of biological science, associate professor, e-mail: 

Sokolov I.D. Doctor of biological science, professor 

Berezhnyy M.V. Undergraduate

Lugansk National Agrarian University, Lugansk, Ukraine


Microevolution of Tulipa biebersteniana Schult. et Schult.

Keywords: Liliaceae, Tulipa biebersteniana, Ukraine, new variety, new forms, microevolution



Tarasyuk A.N. (Тарасюк Александр Николаевич) Candidate of biological science, associate professor; head of chair zoology and genetics, e-mail:;

Brest state university named by A.S.Pushkin, Brest, Belarus,


Microevolution process in condition environmental pollution

Environmental pollution is one of factors, which conduct to decrease of animals and plants quantity. Genetic recombination play important role in adaptation to environmental pollution. It found out, that different pollutions conduct to reduction of recombination level. This reduction can be lead to decrease of adaptation and species disappearing.



Vrisch D.L. (Врищ Дина Лукинична) Candidate biologist the sciences; the leading scientific employee, Botanical garden-institute far Eastern Branch Russian Academy of science; Russia, e-mail:


Evolution Rhododendron L. Primorye Territory

In the Sikhote-Alin region, the following deciduous species belong to the genus Rhododendron L.: Rh. mucronulatum Turcz., Rh. sichotense Pojark., Rh. Bobrovii sp., Rh. parvifolium Maxim. There are also several evergreen species: Rh. aureum Georgi., Rh. hypopitus Pojark., Rh. brachicarpum D. Don. Two forms of Rh. sichotense have been established: Rh. sichotense var. roseum Vrisch (sichotean rhododendron with pink flowers) and Rh. sichotense var. roseo-ochroleucus Vrisch (sichotean rhododendron with creamy flowers). Rhododendron schlippenbachii on the Russian Far East occurs in the very south of the Primorsky Territory in the Khasansky District. We have collected specimens with blossoms colored in pink of different intensity, crimson, white, as well as cream - and peach-colored ones.



эволюция, современные проблемы, эволюционная биология, теория эволюции,

Современные проблемы эволюционной биологии

Международная научно-методическая конференция, посвященная 200-летию со дня рождения Ч. Дарвина и 150-летию выхода в свет «Происхождения видов…»  Брянский государственный университет им. акад. И. Г. Петровского 12–14 февраля 2009 г.

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